Horyzont Apartments

Website and online marketing service for a luxurious development project

A residential investment project carried out in Kielce in two stages. The developer’s aim was efficient sale of luxurious apartments to local customers.

From our first conversation with the developer it was clear that they expected specific results, i.e. to get the maximum number of leads and to increase sales of the apartments.

In MassInternet we call it an “ideal brief”.

We provided a comprehensive digital marketing service, consistent with the luxurious image of the investment project, which helped the developer meet their ambitious sales objectives.


Advanced investment project website
  • Visual apartment search engine
  • Apartment comparison engine
  • Favourite apartment folder
  • Downloadable catalogue sheets
  • Tabular search engine
  • Newsletter and news module
  • Full access to content


Communication on Facebook
  • Running FacebookAds advertising campaigns
  • Developing graphics and contents
  • Ongoing service, communication and profile updates
  • Acquiring and engaging fans
  • Ongoing moderation and monitoring of fan feedback


Google Ads advertising campaigns
  • Planning the advertising strategy
  • Configuration of advertising campaigns
  • Developing graphics and contents
  • Analysing and improving the conversion ratio
  • Ongoing supervision and monitoring to optimise the campaign

A great advantage of the website is the engaging method of presenting the apartments.

The multi-stage visual search engine allows the user to get to know the exact location of the properties and their interior design potential. The visually-attractive, engaging functions of the site make users more likely to interact with them and to get in touch with the seller.

In order to support the website with GoogleAds and FacebookAds advertising campaigns we had to develop a consistent and thought-out strategy for all advertising channels. Just as we expected, selection of the right marketing tools and optimal cooperation with us brought about the expected results for the client.